The fiancé(e) K-1 visa is issued for those, who want to travel to the United States and marry with US citizen. The K-1 visa permits the foreign-citizen fiancé(e) to marry his or her U.S. citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival.

There are some requirements from the USA government. The applicant must be full aged and there shouldn’t be any legal obstacles to marriage. Future spouses must provide evidence of their relationship.

The fiancé(e) visa is issued after a complex and time-consuming procedure of document preparation and approval by the American side and the Embassy in Ukraine. If you don’t make mistakes, the positive response is quite high.

The fiancé(e) visa for Ukrainian citizens

Evidence about a strong connection with the homeland is no needed for the fiancé(e) visa to America. On the contrary, there should be evidence about your strong wish to marry an American citizen.
The consular officer will have reservations about the material ability of your future husband or wife to support you. Also, you should convince the officer your marriage is real.

Visa for a fiancé(e) (K-1) permits registration of marriage in the USA and sets up a claim for further lawful permanent resident status in the United States (a Green Card).

Consular fee:

• 265 $

The cost of our services:

• 299 $

viza-nevesty-v-ssha. Fiancé visa to USA

Required documents for a fiancé(e) visa to the USA:

  1. A petition Form I-129F (executed by the US citizen);
  2. Form I-797 (Notice of action);
  3. Form I-134;
  4. Letter of intent to marry;
  5. Birth certificate of the future US husband/wife;
  6. Marriage/divorce confirmation of the future US husband/wife (if any);
  7. Children birth certificates of the future US husband/wife (if there are any children);
  8. Evidence of financial support from the host party (certificate of employment, tax declarations copies, bank statement, W-2s);
  9. Evidence of nationality from the host party (Passport copy+ birth certificate);
  10. Evidence of relationship with your future husband/wife (joint photos, correspondence, email letters, etc.);
  11. Medical Examination Certificate;
  12. International passport;
  13. Ukrainian passport;
  14. Application;
  15. Visa application confirmation;
  16. Checklist, Form KEV-1 (list of all documents that you submit);
  17. Digital photo (requirements);
  18. 2 printed photos;
  19. Visa fee payment receipt;
  20. Interview appointment confirmation;
  21. Certificate of employment;
  22. Certificate of no criminal record from the police;
  23. Previous marriage/divorce confirmation (if any);
  24. Birth certificate copy and original;
  25. Name or last name change certificate (if any);
  26. Children birth certificates (under the age of 18).

The consul can request for additional documents. All the documents should be legal and translated into English.

Document translation is included in the cost of our services.

US fiancé(e) visa registration for Ukrainians

There are several stages for the K-1 visa application. First, the host party submits the petition (USCIS) for a reunion with Alien fiancé(e) (Form I-129F). The package of documents evidencing the importance of the USA visa application should be prepared.

When the petition is approved, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service sends it to the US Consulate, where the visa application is submitted. After that, the applicant receives instructions for interview prep. Then the standard procedure for applying is followed: filling out an application form, visa fee payment, interview with a consular officer and answer.

How VisaPlus can help you?

There are several stages for the Ukrainian to get the K-1 visa. The whole process lies in both parties. If you don’t have experience and thorough knowledge of all the nuances, then this process will be complex, confusing and lengthy.

You and your future husband or wife will have to deal with many authorities to collect documents. All papers must be provided in English. If there is any mistake, then the documents are returned, which increases the period for obtaining a visa or even leads to a refusal.

VisaPlus is your guaranty all documents will be correct, and the way to deal with authorities will be well established. Cooperation with us will help to raise the prospect of a positive response and save your time.

Our services have a much lower price than American companies do. We know all the details for the US visa applications and have vast experience.

Our services:

  • Consulting and english translation of the documents required;
  • filling out an application and drafting cover letters;
  • consultation on applying of petition;
  • consultations about the documents required for applying for a visa;
  • assistance in paying consular fee;
  • sign you up on an interview and help to prepare for it;

It will be much easier and clear for you to get the USA visa with our help. In addition, we will prevent any possible mistakes, that adversely affect the consular officer decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is a K-1 visa to the USA?

K-1 is the visa for people who wants to come to America and marry with the US citizen. Marriage registration should be done within 90 days. An unmarried child of the applicant under the age of 21 issued a K-2 visa. After marriage, a citizen of Ukraine can apply to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), for lawful permanent resident (LPR).

Requirements for fiancé(e) visa

Fiancé(e) visa for Ukrainians has several stages that must strictly follow all the requirements of the US authorities. At the first stage, a U.S. citizen submits a petition Form I-129F to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The petition can be submitted only in the American USCIS.

When the petition is approved, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services sends it to the National Visa Center for processing. After this, the documents are sent to the US Embassy in Ukraine, and a letter with instructions is sent to the applicant. Now it turns to the Ukrainian part: you have to fill out the application, pay the consular fee, and have an interview at the Embassy.

You must register a marriage with a US citizen within 90 days after arriving in the United States.

Advantages of fiancé(e) visa

The main advantage of a USA fiancé(e) visa is the ability to change the resident status immediately after marriage. When the marriage is registered, an applicant submits a petition to change the status of Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) to USCIS and can receive a green card.

The second advantage is an opportunity for Ukrainian children to get the K-2 visa. Children should be under the age of 21 and unmarried. They can come to the United States with their parent before or right after the marriage.

The third significant advantage is simplicity in the visa receipt if the relationship is real and it’s easy to prove. You shouldn’t have any problems with the documents and petition approval. The consular officer is also loyal to fiancé(e) visa applicants if all documents are in okay and the interview is successful.

Some difficulties can be with the visa application procedure, and the correct documents filling. It’s pretty hard to understand all requirements without experience and preparation. However, you can contact the VisaPlus managers to make the visa application process understandable and completely exclude all possible mistakes.

Features of obtaining a fiancé(e) visa in the USA

The visa application involves both, the host party a US citizen, and Ukrainian. First, the host party submits the petition to (USCIS) for a reunion with Alien fiancé(e). It is examined by one of the service centers and if the petition is approved, it is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). Then, the necessary documents are sent to the US Consulate in Ukraine.

The applicant receives a letter with instructions, and the list of documents to be prepared. The standard visa application procedure follows after and includes filling out the application form, paying the consular fee, and interview.

Please, note that the visa is issued only if there are no obstacles to marriage, and the fiancé and fiancée meet certain requirements. An unmarried child of the applicant under the age of 21 can get a K-2 visa.

How to get the Fiancé(e) visa?

A fiancé(e) visa is issued after the petition is approved in the USA. After this, you should collect the package of documents, register the application on the website, pay the consular fee and have an interview.

Obtaining a US fiancé(e) visa

K-1 visa to the USA is issued after the petition I-129F is approved. When the USCIS approves the petition, it is sent to the NVC (National Visa Center) where gets the number. Then an application is sent to the US Embassy in Ukraine. A US citizen who has filed a petition receives a notification letter when the application is sent to Ukraine. Now you can collect all the necessary documents, register the application form and sign up for an interview.

What are the problems associated with obtaining a K-1 visa?

K-1 visa isn’t easy to apply for. For example, a petition from the host party may be approved, however, if the consular officer doubts the lawfulness of the relationship, it will be sent for review. The reason can be a big age difference, little time spent together, applicant poor English, and if a US citizen knows bad the language of future husband/wife.

There also can be difficulties, if:

  • the host party has previously applied for K-1 visa;
  • a US citizen had problems with the law;
  • the father/mother of the minor applicant doesn’t agree to immigration;
  • the applicant’s former partner informs the Embassy that the relationship is still ongoing;
  • future spouses met with the help of an international marriage agency. Additional information will be required;
  • the fiancé and fiancée haven’t seen each other for a long time.

How much the fiancé(e) visa cost?

The consular fee of $265 should be paid for visa review.

A fiancé(e) visa deadlines

Petition processing in the National Visa Center (NVC) may take up to 2 months. When the approved petition is delivered to the US Embassy in Kyiv, the host party will receive a notification letter with further instructions.

Time frames for fiancé(e) visa receiving??

After the National Visa Center (NVC) sent the instructions, the deadline for submitting the necessary documents and filling out the application depends on the applicant from Ukraine. Usually, a fiancé(e) visa is issued within a few days after a successful interview.

Documents for the fiancé(e) visa to the USA

What are the main documents for fiancé(e) visa?

Your future US husband/wife should provide:

  • petition (Form I-129F),
  • proof of financial support (Form I-134),
  • marriage/divorce confirmation of the future US husband/wife (if any),
  • Evidence of financial support from the host party (certificate of employment, tax declarations copies, bank statement, W-2s),
  • Evidence of nationality from the host party (Passport copy+ birth certificate).

You should prepare such documentation:

  • Certificate of no criminal record from the police,
  • medical Examination Certificate.

Also, you should provide evidence that there are no legal obstacles to marriage and evidence of long-term relationships with the future spouse.

There are no special requirements for evidence documentation from US authorities. But it is better to have more convincing facts such as photographs of you two, proof of travel, hotel reservations, tickets, phone bills, correspondence, skype calls. All this information should be English. Make sure that the consular officer understands the chronology of events: it is better to date the photos and put documents in order from each trip. Such strong evidence proves your long-term relationship and true marriage.

Notice that, in each specific case additional documentation may be required. Contact our specialists to clarify the list of additional documentation.


After the National Visa Center confirms petition processing, you can register an application, pay a consular fee and schedule an interview. The interview will be in English or Russian. The consular officer will check all the documents in the interview, so it’s important to translate them. The consulate reserves the right to require additional documents.

K-2 visa for child(ren)

The petition must include the child(ren) even if they won’t come to the USA. Unmarried child(ren) under the age of 21 can receive the K-2 visa along with applicant parent or within one year after the K-1 visa issued. If the child(ren) by passes the one-year limit then a separate immigrant visa petition will be necessary.

What are the required documents to submit a petition to fiancé(e) visa?

Such documents are required:

  1. Petition form (I-129F Petition for an alien fiancé(e)) is filled out and signed only by US citizens. The form contains questions about personality and fiancé and fiancée biography. An official instruction is attached to the form. It indicates the number of necessary documents, the amount of payment, and the address. The form is filled in one copy and doesn’t require the applicant’s signature
  2. Biographic Information G-325A includes one page with questions and the second with instruction. The form should be completed and signed by fiancé and fiancée. Two biographical forms are applied to the petition. Ukraine citizen sends the completed and signed form by the post to the host party. It can be scanned and sent by e-mail, but you must be sure it will be readable after printing. It’s better to send original by post. Also be attentive with forms, as there are four forms on the USCIS website: G-325, G-325A, G-325B, G-325C. G-325A is filled in for fiancé(e) visa.
  3. The petitioner leaves the name, phone, and email in the Form G-1145, in order to receive notifications about the process. You can find more information in the E-Notification paragraph with instructions for the petition.
  4. Documents proving US citizen. It can be a copy of the birth certificate, passport copies, or naturalization certificate. Please, note that originals are not required, but copies should be taken from both sides and even empty pages. Only the US citizen can submit a petition. A green card doesn’t empower to create a petition.
  5. A letter of intent to marry should be supplied within 90 days after the applicant arrives in the United States. Fiancé and fiancée draw up and sign separate letters. USCIS doesn’t require a particular form, however, there is a pattern for applicants. The applicant signs a letter and posts it to a US host party. A scanned and printed copy is allowed, but it should be easy to read. Letters shouldn’t be notarized. If you are applying for a visa with the help of lawyer, then make sure the letters of intent to marry are attached.
  6. Two passport-sized photographs for both fiancé and fiancée. At the same time, the photos must meet the following requirements: should be taken at least 30 days before the petition is filed, printed on glossy paper, taken in front of a plain white background, no after-touch, and the size is 2×2 inches. Write in pencil the name and a number (if any) on the backside of a photo. We recommend Ukrainian applicants to take a picture before filing the petition and email it to a US citizen who’ll print it after.
  7. Divorce certificate (if necessary). If at least one of the future spouses has a divorced marriage/s, then a copy of dissolution papers should be provided. The applicant’s divorce certificate should be translated into English. If the applicant is a widow or widower, then a translated into English death certificate should be provided.
  8. Evidence of in-person meetings and at least one meeting should be within the past two years. The photo of you two, as well as of a plane, bus, trains tickets copies, etc. can be the evidence. Clothes and places on your photos must be different. The photos with relatives and friends and your future spouse together will be very appropriate. Write the information need for USCIS employees to chronicle events and understand where you have been on the photos. Twenty photos would be enough. Also, you should provide the documents proving your mutual trips or visits. In addition to tickets and hotel checks, you may use any documents used during trips. Sort all papers in chronological order for the consular officer.
  9. Evidence of a romantic relationship. USCIS employees need proof that your relationship is constant. There are no requirements for this evidence. Most commonly the evidence is email or social network correspondence, Skype conversations screenshots, postcards, money transfers, gifts, phone calls, and SMS. Less in-person meetings mean more evidence should be provided. The correspondence must be English. All the evidence mentioned above is only an addition to the evidence of in-person meetings.
  10. The check to pay the petition fee. The fee amount starts from $340 and can be changed depends on the number of children Ukrainian applicant has. The price and payment methods are indicated at the end of the petition instruction.

Ukrainian applicant provides such documentation:

  • Biographic Information G-325A,
  • Letter of intent to marry,
  • Death/Divorce certificate of your ex-husband/ex-wife (if any),
  • Color photo.

USA applicant provides such documentation:

  • Form I-129F;
  • Biographic Information G-325A;
  • Form G-1145;
  • Citizenship documents;
  • Letter of intent to marry;
  • Colar photo;
  • Divorce certificate (if any);
  • Check for application fee payment;
  • Relations and in-person meetings evidence.

How to submit a petition?

US citizens should write a cover letter with details about documents before submitting a petition. Put the documents to the envelope in the order you mentioned in the cover letter. We recommend such order:

  • Cover letter;
  • Check;
  • Forms with attachments;
  • Photo 2х2inch;
  • Relations and in-person meetings evidence.

Use this address if the petition is sent with USPS:
P.O. Box 660151
Dallas, TX 75266

If it’s express or courier delivery USPS:
Attn: I-129F
2501 South State Highway 121 Business
Suite 400
Lewisville, TX 75067

Н The address of the US citizen submitting the petition must be on the envelope, otherwise, the envelope won’t be sent to a government organization.
A tracking number will help you to control the delivery status.

A petition submission not as hard as it seems to. The main thing is to be attentive and doesn’t make any mistakes when filling the application. Do not provide false information.

Your actions after sending the petition

When USCIS employees receive an envelope and withdraw money, a US citizen will receive Notice Of Action 1 by email. It means the petition has been accepted, the case gets a number and it has been sent for further processing. You just have to wait for a decision.

Processing period

The processing period depends on USCIS. The average time is 15 to 120 days.

Your action after petition approval

After the petition is approved it is submitted to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing. It will take a week or a month. After this, the documents are sent to Ukraine, and the US party receives a notification letter.

You have to do nothing during this time. Only if the processing time delay, you should write or call the NVC, to find out information.

If you didn’t receive a notification about document receiving from form Consulate in a week after NCV confirmation, you should contact The letter should contain fiancé and fiancée names as well as a case number.

Medical Examination Certificate for US fiancé(e) visa;

All applicants for K-1, K-2 visa must have a medical check in the International Organization for Migration or Medicom in Kyiv. The medical check needs the previous appointment on workdays from 9 am to 3 pm. The price is $220. Such documents should be provided:

  • External passport;
  • Four photos 2х2inch;
  • Military registration card (if any).

Also, the number of the case, visa category, email, and the address should be mentioned.

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