USA visitor visa (B1/B2) is a non-immigrant visa issued to people entering the US to see their friends or relatives. Temporary residence with this category is allowed for 180 days. At the same time, a visitor visa to the USA doesn’t allow frequent trips to this country. The immigration officer defines your duration of visit at customs clearance. 

It seems to be very easy to get a visitor visa. But, there are many visa denials, because you can stay illegal in the USA with the help of your relationships there. The decision for a visa is individual and depends on your force of conviction not to immigrate.

How to get the USA visitor visa?

There are several steps Ukrainian should take. First of all, the necessary set of documents should be prepared, including an invitation from the host party. Then, a voluminous application is filled out on the US Embassy website, a consular fee is paid and the date of an interview appointment is selected.

On the day appointed you should come for an interview and fingerprints. The interview usually quick, but this is the most important stage.  A consular officer can ask questions about the upcoming trip and the host party. You must be well prepared and respond clearly and confidently. Contingent on an interview you will receive visa approval or refusal.

Consular fee:

• 160 $

The cost of our services:

• 150 $

gostevaia-viza-v-ssha Visitor visa to USA

Required Documents for a US visitor visa:

  1. Invitation from friends, relatives;
  2. Passport copy of the host part if he/she is a US resident and passport copy + a visa copy of the host party isn’t US resident;
  3. Family/friendly relations confirmation with the host part (a photo of you together, correspondence, etc.);
  4. International passport;
  5. Ukrainian passport;
  6. Application;
  7. Visa application confirmation;
  8. Digital photo (requirements);
  9. 2 printed photos;
  10. Visa fee payment receipt;
  11. Interview appointment confirmation;
  12. Confirmation of employment;
  13. Bank reference according to your account activity within the last 6 months;
  14. Marriage registration certificate/divorce certificate (copy);
  15. Copy of the children certificate of birth (under 18 years old);
  16. Copy of the real estate/car documents, etc.

The consul can request for additional documents. All the documents should be legal and can be on Russian or Ukrainian language.

US visitor visa registration for Ukrainians

A visitor visa is issued based on the evaluation of your documents, an application form, an invitation from the host party, and also under the result of an interview. The important thing to note is the invitation does not guarantee the approval of the visa application.

The highest rejection rates have visitor visa applications, so in order to avoid mistakes use professionals’ assistance. We have vast experience to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your application and predict the likelihood of a positive decision.

Why VisaPlus?

If you need a USA visitor visa you should thoroughly prepare for an interview at the Embassy and fill out the application form correctly. In addition, strong evidence about your residence in the home country and no intention to abandon it should be found as well as provide supporting documentation.

Our specialists will examine documents you and the host party have, as well as the history of your trips and relations with Ukraine. After that, we will develop the right strategy for the interview and will improve your visa application.

Working with us you can be sure that:

  • no errors were made when filling out the application;
  • the invitation for a visitor visa is drawn up correctly;
  • you have all the documents needed;
  • you know how to behave during an interview.

Contact us to maximize your chances of getting a visitor visa and meet with relatives or friends in America.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Requirements for USA visitor visa

During the interview, the consular officer studies the application form and documents, as well as asks questions about your trip. You have to convince the consular officer that you intend to return home after the trip and you have strong enough bonds with Ukraine. The documents confirming your words are also important. If the interview is successful, you will get the USA visitor visa.

What period the USA visitor visa is issued?

Ukrainians get the USA visitor visa for 10 years.

How much the USA visitor visa costs?

A B1/B2 visa to the United States is issued after the application fee payment $160. This amount includes expenses for sending your passport and documents from the Embassy to the office of the TMM Express. If you want to receive your documents at a different address, an additional fee will be required.

How to apply for a USA visitor visa?

If you are supposed to get the visitor visa with the invitation, you should register your application on the US Embassy website, gather all the documents, pay the visa application fee, and pass an interview. Your fingerprints will be taken before the interview.

Successful interview and properly filled out application are the main points for visa approval. The presumption in the US immigration law is that every visitor visa applicant is a potential immigrant. Therefore, you must overcome this presumption and demonstrate you have a residence in your home country and you don’t want to abandon it.

What is the difference between visitor and tourist USA visa?

Tourist and visitor visa has the same category B1/B2 and the procedure for application is the same. The difference only in the required documents. Tourist visa requires hotel and airline tickets booking confirmation. And the host part invitation is the document needed for a visitor visa.

USA visitor visa documents:

Such documents are required in order to visit relatives in the USA:

  • invitation and passport of host party;
  • international passport;
  • visa application confirmation;
  • interview appointment confirmation;
  • application fee payment receipt.

In addition to the required documents, you should have a bank statement, confirmation of employment, and any other papers confirming you intend to return to Ukraine. A consular officer may ask for these papers as proof of your words.

Sample of invitation for USA visitor visa

Ukrainians can get the USA visitor visa only with the host party invitation. No particular form for the document is required, and it is emailed by the applicant. The invitation must contain:

  • the beginning and end dates of the trip;
  • purpose of the trip;
  • the place where you will live in the USA;
  • financial guarantees from the American side, if exist.

In addition, you should provide evidence that your friends or relatives are legally staying in the United States. You can use a copy of the passport of an American citizen, a copy of the green card, as well as a copy of the visa, which allows the host party stays in the USA for a long time.

Our specialists will provide you with a sample of invitation if needed.

Who can send an invitation??

Among all the documents, the invitation takes a major role. It can be issued by:

  • American citizen;
  • Green Card Holder;
  • Student or working visa holder

A visitor visa may be issued if the host party is legally staying in the United States and have no problems with the law.

An application form for the USA visitor visa

Filling out the application form on the Embassy website is a mandatory step for getting a visitor visa. The application must be filled out in English. It contains over 100 questions that concern you and your upcoming trip. There shouldn’t be any mistakes when filling it out, otherwise, the visa application will not be approved.

Interview for US visitor visa

The interview takes place at the Embassy at the time you appointed. You should come in advance. Your fingerprints will be taken before the interview. After that, you will receive a ticket with a number. There is a display in the waiting room, where the window number you should come to and the ticket number appears. The consular officer will speak Russian or English of your choice. The interview takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Questions at the US Embassy on interview

Consular officer questions concern only information about you and your upcoming trip. The consular officer will study your application before the interview and will ask questions based on the information in it. Your task is to answer questions steadily and clear without dubious or vague answers, as well as jokes. If you have not heard the question, then it is better to ask again than to answer anything. You should be ready to present the documents for a visitor visa if the consular officer asks.

USA visitor visa without an interview (extension of a visa)

A visa without an interview can be issued only if you extend the previous one and if following such conditions:

  • visa issued for a maximum period;
  • there was no administrative processing for a visa;
  • the previous visa expired no more than 12 months ago;
  • you are applying for the same visa category.

As far as its concerned visa extension, the applicant is dispensed of compulsory interviews and fingerprints. You must register your application, pay the application fee, and send the documents using the TMM Express courier service to the US Embassy. Within 5-7 days you will receive a passport with an extended visa and documents.

Entry and leaving the USA with a visitor visa

The number of visits is not limited by the US authorities. The immigration officer defines your duration of visit at customs clearance. Before the end of the permitted period, you must leave the territory of America.

Is it possible to work with a visitor visa?

A visitor visa does not allow to work in the USA.

How to get a visitor visa in the US after refusal?

If you have a visa refusal, first of all, you should analyze and eliminate the reasons for such a decision. Our company will help you with this. You can apply for a visa right after refusal.

You should re-register the application form, pay the application fee, and pass an interview. An interview will be with another consular officer so that you are sure the officer isn’t partial to you.

Please note that it’s harder to get the visa after refusal. Therefore, you need to prepare the documents more carefully and eliminate refuse reasons. Otherwise, your visa request may be refuse again.

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